Sharon and Glenn are the owners of this website.  After years of working various jobs, owning businesses and exploring different ideas, we can say that we have had an interesting and busy life.  In addition to the various jobs and businesses we have had, we raised two wonderful children in a mountain resort community.  To many we have had a successful life.  We are at a stage in our lives where we are only a few years from that age when people start to think about retiring.  Yet we still don’t have the freedom and flexibility we desire.

We have lots of business experience and expertise. Yet we have felt that we are simply on a treadmill getting nowhere fast.  Recently we have felt there must be something different that would allow us to make an income and have a lifestyle that offers a lot more flexibility.  Stop trading our time for money.  After a lot of research and exploration we came across the SFM system.

This system has given us the opportunity to continue our lifelong learning, to start to move into the digital age, and leave behind trading time for money.  Truly it has been eye-opening and we are so excited to be on this new path, in a wonderful and supportive community with great mentors.  Follow us along on our journey as we transition to the always-changing, digital world.