Allysian – How to Use Mastermind

How to use Mastermind:

The recommended dose on the bottle is 6 per day, BUT you need to build up to that, training your brain to accept all that goodness over the next week, if you take 6 on your first day, it could give you a headache as it’s a powerful punch to your brain.  You may never get to 6, you may find that 4 is the perfect dose for you and that is ok. Each of us are different, so we all have to find the right dose for our body mass and brain function. 

Please DO NOT take Mastermind caplets with coffee. That can be too over stimulating for your brain, it is best to wait at least 30 minutes before having coffee after taking Mastermind and just be aware that depending how sensitive you are, that can also be too soon. We are finding many are weaning themselves off their coffee habit, as Mastermind is giving them the alertness they have been using their coffee to achieve until now! 

Mastermind capsules are best absorbed by your body on an empty stomach, so I suggest you have them by your bed, and take them as soon as you wake up, with water,  and then do not eat until at least 30 minutes later (they are so pure, you should not feel nauseous as a result of having them on an empty stomach), which can happen with lesser quality supplements. 

If you have already used a sample pack of 3 capsules, with no negative side effect, such as a headache or feeling over stimulated (jittery), go ahead and start on Day 4 on the below schedule, otherwise, please start at Day 1:

Day 1:   take 1 veggie cap in the morning.

Day 2 & 3:  take 2 veggie caps in the morning

Day 4 & 5:  take 3 veggie caps in the morning

Day 6 & 7:  take 3 veggie caps in the morning + 2 in the afternoon about 1.5 hours after lunch so as on an empty stomach again, and at least 8 hours before bed, or you may be too alert still at bedtime. 

Day 8 onwards: Take 3 veggie caps in the morning + 3 in the afternoon. 

Note:  IF you are finding it hard to take the afternoon ones, you can actually work up to taking all 6 in the morning to last you through the day. 

Also, if at any point during that progression, you notice you get a headache and you think it’s related to the Mastermind, please drop your dosage back to the previous level where you didn’t get a headache and stay there for 3- 4 days. It just means your brain is taking longer to accept the goodness of this product.

If you find that using 6 a day isn’t allowing you to get to sleep at the time you’d like to go sleep, then reduce the amount you are taking by 1 – 2 per day.  It’s all a bit of trial and error, because every brain is different as is our body mass.

If you have any questions at all, please text or call me, I also welcome your feedback as to how you feel, once you start using Mastermind.