Allysian – Presentation Summary

Summary from an Allysian Session:

I would like to discuss to you about the power of your mind, and how to achieve cognitive optimization.

Did you know that your mind has unlimited power, if you just tap into how to use it?

Learning to use your conscious, subconscious and supraconscious is the key to catapulting you towards success.

Our conscious mind is where our logical thinking, reasoning, deductions, and analysis takes place. We have 50,000 thoughts per day in our conscious mind!   It is the traffic cop, determining what is good or bad, right or wrong, it directs us to move towards those events and situations that will bring us comfort and make us feel good, and have us avoid those situations which may create discomfort.

Our subconscious mind is our hard drive in which all learning, experiences and feelings associated with such are stored. it is  responsible for keeping our heart pumping and for keeping us breathing 24/7, actions we do not even think about.  The subconscious is responsible for carrying out the orders of the conscious mind and is incapable of passing any judgement on those orders.  So if we feed positive thoughts to our subconscious we will have positive results, and the opposite is also true – example  math.

Our Supraconscious mind is where all creativity happens. If we have a problem, that our conscious mind cannot solve, we have to let it go and hand it over to our supraconscious to solve for us. It cannot work on a problem that the conscious mind is working on. This explains why you will have sudden ‘a-ha’ moments, of why didn’t I think of this, when a solution to something comes to you at a random moment, in the shower, or during sleep, or during a conversation on another topic with someone! 

Quote by Dr Rick Hanson “You can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind”… deliberately changing your thoughts to a more positive mindset to serve you better, you actually start to change the neuroplasticity of your brain, so that these types of thoughts become the norm for you, and you have therefore changed your mind (and brain) for the better.

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that you can learn to use to drive yourself forward towards your dreams, simply with the power of your mind. Athletes use this technique often to visualize their upcoming race, and then make it happen. You too can learn to master this and create what you want in life, and in the process change your mindset and your brain!

Allysian Sciences offers a Mind Mastery program, in the form of a 30 day program to help you change the thoughts/attitudes you are feeding your subconscious mind. It feeds your brain with new positive learning to help you over come setback, transcend failure, get rid of negative thoughts, and go from being ordinary to extraordinary.  This program can be found in our Ap, which is free right now, and includes a daily video lesson, followed by an analysis of that lesson and a pdf document of notes. You must review all 3 before the following days’ lesson will be unlocked for you.  We will be rolling this into a 52 week program in 2017.

Here is an example of one of our lesson videos: 1:37sec

play dr Sukhi up to 1:06sec.

The lesson from this video is – The key to transcending failure is to redefine it, from outcome to process  show PDF

Our Mind Mastery program is  1 part  of Allysian Science’s  3 tier system leading to a healthy brain and healthy mind.  Another part is nutrition for the brain – it is necessary to supplement these days, simply because the nutrients we need aren’t in our food supply any more. The food industry is now commercialized,  “for profit” and mass produced, and that has resulted in soil not being allowed to settle and rejuvenate it’s nutrients. If the nutrients aren’t in the soil, they can’t get into the food grown in that soil and as such aren’t in the food we buy in the grocery store.  Did you know that you need to eat 10 oranges today, to get the same amount of nutrients out of what was in just 1 orange 60 – 70 years ago?  Based on that, think about your fruit and veggie intake, are you getting enough nutrients on a daily basis to feed your body and brain?  Our brain uses 25% of our energy and we are more demanding of it than ever before, so it is critical that we feed it properly.  If we don’t, we’ll just burn it out, which is happening in many cases where we see people’s bodies, outliving their brains.

Allysian Sciences provides a solution, with all natural, very high quality, supplements, that are focused on what your brain needs for optimal function.  My passion is to educate people about the need to look after their brain and offer solutions to doing that.  Alzheimers/Dementia is almost epidemic, it is expected to go from 747,000 Canadians back in 2011 to 1.4 million by 2031, almost double in 20 years!   The social and economic costs are staggering too.  It takes 2 people to care for every person suffering, not to mention the hardship on family members watching the steady decline of a loved one.  The economic cost in 2011 was $30bn, by 2040, that is forecast to be $293 bn!  Talk to your loved ones about the need to look after their brain.    Unfortunately the biggest triggers aren’t going to be resolved any time soon, so it’s time that we as individuals take responsibility for their brain health.


  • Too much stress – so many of us live in overwhelm with cortisol levels running through our brain at way higher levels than they should be.
  • Too many toxins in our environment and food, bogging down our immune system, and reducing our energy levels, not to mention potentially triggering autoimmune diseases and some cancers.
  • There are not enough nutrients in our food to keep the brain operating at the energy level we demand of it
  • Poor blood flow bringing the nutrients and oxygen to the brain is another known trigger.

I am not standing here telling you that what we offer is a cure or even prevention of Alzheimers / Dementia, we haven’t been around long enough to know that yet, but what I can say is that following a good program of brain health such as ours, will prolong the onset of your cognitive decline, giving you more years of quality of life.  We combine a healthy brain, with a health mind, through Mind Mastery and top it off with some fun brain games to stimulate the brain, offering the most well rounded program for optimizing cognitive function and thereby maximizing your human potential.

In addition to our 3 part system, another very important component of brain health is exercise.   Exercise gets the heart pumping, and that means more blood flow is going to your brain, and that carries with it more oxygen and more nutrients.   We do not offer this as a 4th tier, because there are so many already in the realm of fitness classes, gyms etc, there is no point us trying to add to that, however, we do not want to overlook the importance of exercise and hence I mention it here.

It is never too soon to look after your brain, you only have 1 and you use it day in and day out, make your brain your best investment and redefine your possible in the process.

Notes from Melissa Deally – Allysian Representative