Allysian – Welcome

We thank you and your Brain and Body thank you for your order.  Welcome to the world of Allysian!  Your userid and password will be e-mailed to you.

Your order of Mastermind +  Genesis gives you access to our Ap, with updated nutritional information as well as a 30 day mind mastery program or positive mind set training. Not sure if you have an iPhone, if you do, you can search it in the Ap store, if not, you can use it on a pc or laptop at and use your  email address and the above password, to log in.  Once you download the Ap, it will ask you for your location, gender and age, for our stats purposes and have you create an Avatar.  Once the ap opens, you can see the menu bar at the bottom (on your iPhone) or at the top if using the desktop version. Click on Training and this will take you into our Mind Mastery training program. You will also enjoy content within channels as well, so spend some time checking out the topics in there ranging from Health Living to Entrepreneurs corner to Ask the Nutritionists which breaks down the ingredients in our products and talks to how they benefit our brain and body!

In addition, you get free access to Cognifit Brain games, as your brain likes stimulation!  You can download that to your phone (it is free to download) and then choose “sign up” or “login”, not “register”, as your account will be connected to your Allysian account and you then don’t have to pay a monthly fee for these games.  Use your e-mail  address that you gave me and the above password to gain access to Cognifit. You cannot start using Cognifit until you have completed the Introduction of Mind Mastery in the Ap, as we want you to experience both programs, so this forces you to do that!   They are fun games, it takes less than 15 minutes to do the games, and it starts assessing where you are cognitively stronger vs weaker and will gives you tests to strengthen your weaker areas. You can also produce a “report” within the ap, and download it, to see the various aspects of cognitive function and where you are weak vs strong.  I don’t play them every day, but generally do them 3 – 4 times a week, and enjoy them and the only game I had ever played on my phone prior to these, was Sudoku!!