Distractions are today’s productivity killer.

I sat down two hours ago to write a blog post. The original intent was to write about finding your purpose which is in-line with our It’s Your Life – Take Control philosophy. But what happened – well I was completely distracted by little ‘ankle biters’ that took me away from what is truly important.

I sat at my computer and went to google drive. I saw some things in the root directory that I did not want there so I took the time to file them. One of the items lead me to my inbox and to file an item there in the folder. I realized my inbox was completely out of control so I decided to begin the process of cleaning that up. I set a realistic target of deleting 100 items today. I think I stopped after 350. Well that led to some filing of other e-mails and setting an objective of cleaning a little bit every day so that I could get my in box in control. One of the e-mails I filed was a receipt for a business expense. That led me to the physical receipts on my desk and that they needed to be organized and filed… okay that was done – back to the blog… just a second why am I using up so much space on my Google Drive that seems weird… oh there are all these video… but aren’t they stored in the Google Photos? Is this a duplicate – what if I delete on and see if it deletes out of photos. Ok I deleted a big one but that hasn’t reduced my space on Google drive – not important – I’ll check later. OMG almost 2 hours has gone by since I sat down. Now what? Oh ya blog post – what was I going to write about again. I’m kind of tired now. Thank god I had declared today as a social media free day and I was not distracted by Facebook, Instagram or Linked-In that would have cost another two hours.

Easy to say – harder to do is that we need to focus on what is truly important ! Sit down, write the blog post and reward yourself with some time for personal items – the ankle biters or even some social media time – your friends will still be there – they actually won’t even miss you.

Tips to get a good start.

Create your daily ritual – experiment – what works for you.
First thing in the morning Take 5
1. Exercise
2. Meditate
3. Learn
4. Nourish & Fuel
5. Gratitude – Smile – Plan

This is what works for me. Do I do it every day. Gosh I wish. However, I’m closer to my Take 5 being a daily habit than I ever have.

In summary, if you are ‘on purpose’ you will find that you will in fact not be taken away from your priorities. Letting distractions frequently take you away is a sign you may not be completely in your dharma. That’s okay, don’t fret – rather be aware of that and take steps to both reduce your tendency to be stracted and importantly take steps discover your life’s purpose.