“THE MORE AUTHENTIC you become, the more genuine in your expression, particularly regarding personal experiences and even self-doubts, the more people can relate to your expression and the safer it makes them feel to express themselves.  That expression in turn feeds back on the other person’s spirit, and genuine creative empathy takes place, producing new insights and learnings and a sense of excitement and adventure that keeps the process going.” Steven Covey Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People.

This quote resonates with me in my current focus of writing and sharing these blog posts.  I have admired Steven Covey’s work for some time and I relate to many of the quotes he offers in the

Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People.  I enjoy picking the nuggets out of his work and learning how to be more effective.  What I am really enjoying and I hope  you are getting some of, is seeing the ways I am being effective and how I have been transitioning.