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What is brain health? This is new concept as we have never been taught to look after our brains. Until now we have been a neck down medical industry and believed that the brain matured at age 25, and then started a long, slow decline, that we could do nothing about. However we now know that due to neuroplasticity, we can actually improve our cognitive function beyond the age of 25, so I am excited to be here today to educate you about looking after your brain. Allysian Sciences is a Canadian company, started in 2015, and our mission is:

Let’s face it when your brain works properly, you can achieve so much more. The office worker is so much more productive if they can rely on their memory rather than having to look up files, or if they are feeling alert and can concentrate for longer periods of time, instead of having to get another cup of coffee and if their decision making abilities are working effectively. A stay at home Mom can multi-task better, and handles the stresses young children create in her day, without a sense of overwhelm, and an athlete will be faster out of the gate in a race, with better decision making on course, leading to a better result. The student is better able to retain knowledge learned in class or from a text, manage their sense of overwhelm, and perform better in exams.

Our medical industry, has done a great job of getting us to live longer, but we now struggle with the problem of our bodies outliving our brains and we are literally burning out our brains.

Brain facts:
2% of our body weight
Uses 20% of our oxygen
Uses 25% of our energy, we put a lot of demands on our brain ever second of every day.

We run around at higher levels of stress than ever, over way too many years, trying to do more, be more, and at the same time we aren’t feeding our brains properly, and the result is we simply burn them out. When your brain isn’t working, there is no quality of life, so let’s not let it get to that. It is never too early to start looking after your brain. Did you know that you can have Alzheimers for 20 years prior to a diagnosis, as the early cues are being missed, or ignored as “normal signs of aging”.

So, what have you been doing for your brain? Let me ask you this, do find yourself forgetting the names of people you have met and had a conversation with? Or do you walk into a room to get something, but not remember what you came to get? If this is happening more frequently, and you are noticing your memory doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, do you accept this is normal aging?

Who has upgraded their computer or laptop at home or work in the past 2-3 years? We do this whenever they get too slow for our liking, ..what about your brain, when you notice it getting slow? Doctors will tell you that’s normal aging… research shows it’s not…..don’t accept this as your new normal, recognize that this is a sign of cognitive decline and it’s time to do something about it.

747,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s disease, a number expected to increase to 1.4 million in the next 15 years. For every person with the disease, two or more family members provide care. Women account for 70 per cent of family caregivers. 72% of those suffering in Canada are women.

Economic cost in Cda was $33 billion in 2011 and is expected to be $293 billion by 2040. Imagine the positive impact, if we could educate enough people today to start looking after their brain and reduce the numbers of diagnosis?

Some known causes of Alzheimers / cognitive decline:

  • Too much stress – so many of us live in overwhelm with cortisol levels running through our brain at way higher levels than they should be.
  • Too many toxins in our environment and food.
  • There are not enough nutrients in our food to keep the brain operating at the energy level we demand of it
  • Poor blood flow bringing the nutrients and oxygen to the brain

Unfortunately I do not for see any of these triggers being eliminated any time soon, so we have to become proactive in how we look after our brain instead.

Allysian offers a 3 tiered program to cognitive optimization

Cognitive Support Supplements – the right nutrition for your brain
Our line of nutritional products help with all of the above triggers of cognitive decline.

Here is a short video on the nutritional aspect of brain health.

Tier 2:
Our Mind Mastery program – short daily lessons of personal growth, designed to ensure you are “feeding” your subconcious mind properly, to deliver results.

Understanding the power of our mind is critical to our brain health and overall success.

Our conscious mind is where our logical thinking, reasoning, deductions, and analysis takes place. We have 50,000 thoughts per day in our conscious mind! This is the master of our “ship”.

Our subconcisous mind is our databank of everything we have ever known and experienced, and it never stops, it is responsible for keeping our heart pumping and for keeping us breathing, actions we do not even think about, that happen 24/7. It is also responsible for carrying out the orders of the conscious mind. So if we feed positive thoughts to our subconscious we will have positive results, and the opposite is also true – example math.

Our Supraconcious mind is where all creativity happens. If we have a problem, that our conscious mind cannot solve, we have to let it go and hand it over to our supraconscious to solve for us. It cannot work on a problem that the conscious mind is working on. This explains why you will have sudden ‘a-ha’ moments, of why didn’t I think of this, when a solution to something comes to you at a random moment, in the shower, or during sleep, or during a conversation on another topic with someone! Our mind is incredibly powerful and understanding how these components of our mind work together is critical to our success.

Mind Mastery Video….

We have many more videos like this, on topics such as Transcending Failure, How Ordinary People become Extraordinary, How to have the mindset of an Olympian, Breaking your Mental Limits, 3 Quick steps to stop negative thinking….

The Allysian Sciences Mind Mastery program is built on the understanding of conscious and subconscious minds, and gives us a short daily lesson for personal growth, and a daily mantra. The daily mantra that goes with the lesson I just showed you is” I am alive and living my greatest dreams”….imagine what your subconscious can now do with that mindset? With a mindset like that, we can all change the world and the positivity will help keep our brains in a healthy state.

The third tier of our program is stimulating the brain, it is like a muscle and needs to be exercised to stay fit and healthy.

Slide: Cognifit Brain Games.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you today and introduce you to the concept of looking after your brain and sharing the Allysian 3 tier approach to improving overall cognitive function.