“It is extremely valuable to train the mind to stand apart and examine its own program.  That, to me, is the definition of a liberal education – the ability to examine the programs of life against larger questions and purposes and other paradigms.  Training, without such education, narrows and closed the mind so that the assumptions underlying the training are never examined.  That’s why it is so valuable to read broadly and to expose yourself to great minds.”   Steven Covey Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People.

When I graduated university the speaker at our convocation had one message that I remember to this day.  It was that even though we had graduated university our learning had just begun and it is important to view learning as a life long activity.  As Mr. Covey points out it is important to expose yourself to great minds, and this is available through reading books.  This learning will open your mind to a world of possibilities.  Just yesterday I came across the statement – the average person reads one book per year and the average CEO reads five books per month.  (source unknown – saw it on Instagram or Facebook – the age of memes 🙂  )

If you are like me, you want to continue your education and learn and you want to read a lot of books and if you are like me you are wondering where the hell are you going to get the time to do that!  Well over the years this is something that I have been working on as learning and continuous self improvement are passions of mine.  Let me tell you I have been far from perfect at this en-devour as there have been many start / stop attempts and event wasted money in seminars and programs.  At this time in my life, I do feel I have made this a more regular practice.

I am using technology to assist me.  I use Kobo to read books on my phone and iPad and I use Audible on my phone to listen to books while on the road.  My daily commute to my office is 40 minutes each way (57km). This is through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and is a fairly easy drive so listening to a book is relatively easy.  I love that I am chugging through books and podcasts and expanding my brain during my drive.  After a long day sometimes I still turn on the radio to listen to some country music 😉

I have found my mentors very valuable in motivating me to do more reading and learning and to get busy developing an on-line business. This is another source of fantastic education.  Regular web casts, on-line training, and individual calls all help to hold me accountable to the commitments I have made for myself.  The learning has been fantastic and the new knowledge is invaluable.  This new journey is fun and exciting and I’m doing it in my spare time.  Instead of draining my brain in front of the television, I’m filling my bucket with new interesting personal development techniques and on-line marketing training.